Women swear by $59 ‘Lipo dupe’ that gets rid of belly fat in less than a month

"It's been a game-changer to tackle some of my postpartum skin challenges like losing elasticity and firmness," mum Natalie says, while others claimed it reduced the appearance of cellulite on their thighs. 

Not to sound too infomercially, but are you tired of stubborn belly fat?

Do you work out consistently and eat well but just can't seem to get rid of that pesky pooch?

If you've found yourself nodding along - don't worry, you're safe here!

It's okay to admit that you're not happy holding onto some unwanted fat because we ALL deserve to feel confident, healthy and happy in our own skin. 

Maybe you've already researched particular treatments and procedures to help shed those unwanted kilos. From 'fat freezing' to Liposuction and everything in between, there are so many different options out there promising results.

Well, we might have just stumbled across a better solution for you. Not only is it much more affordable, but it's also completely non-invasive too. 

Meet the Biotyspa Body Sculpt Cup, the 'lipo dupe' tool that women are raving about right now. 

But what actually is this magical cup, and how does it work?

Let's get into it! 


What is the Biotyspa Body Sculpt Cup?

The Biotyspa Body Sculpt Cup is an anti-cellulite, anti-fat vacuum cup that suctions to your skin as you massage it over areas on your body such as your stomach, thighs and hips. 

Founded by Deborah Levy, a trained lymphatic massage therapist, the tool mimics the French 'palpate and roll' massage technique that helps eliminate the build-up of fluid and water retention in the body.

Essentially, it's like giving yourself a DIY lymphatic drainage treatment in the comfort of your own home. Fun!

It's also said to help break up fatty deposits (or 'localised adipose tissue') underneath your skin, with noticeable differences appearing in as little as 21 days. 


How much does it cost? 

The cup itself will set you back $59 but is designed to be used in conjunction with body wash to help hydrate your skin and maintain the suction of the cup. You can also apply a body oil before or after massaging to help firm the skin and restore softness and elasticity. 

Luckily for us, Biotyspa has packaged up all of these products into a handy dandy kit called the Body Sculpt Kit. 

With the kit, you'll be able to complete the full ritual using the Body Sculpt Cup, a Hydrating Shower Gel and Body Oil for $135. 

Of course, you can use your own stuff, but these products have been specifically designed to work with the Body Sculpt Cup in order to maximise results, reduce irritation and help the cup smoothly glide over the skin.