BIOTYSPA Body Sculpt ritual is backed up by science.

"The ideal way to target loose skin."

"Australians are praising the cult Body Sculpting Cup."

"We are levelling up our body moisturiser to Biotyspa Firming Body Oil this winter.”


Why Body Sculpt Massage?

The Body Sculpting Massage has many benefits. The suction created by the cup can stimulates the lymphatic system, help improve the lymphatic flow, reducing water retention, toxins and excess fluid from the body.

We created the Body Sculpt Kit ritual around the Body Sculpting Massage to enhance its benefits.

Ava W. ★★★★★
It took me a while to know how to use it but once you get it right, it works.

- Verified Buyer

Emma B. ★★★★★
The coffee in the body oil is a fantastic way to start the day. I even use it on my arms.

- Verified Buyer

Isabella T. ★★★★★
No magic wand, but I noticed less cellulite in just a month.

- Verified Buyer