What makes Biotyspa French?

What makes Biotyspa French?

It’s not a secret saying that Biotyspa is a French inspired Australian brand. From our massage techniques to our carefully thought out skincare recipes, Biotyspa is reputable for delivering French beauty rituals for in-spa and at-home treatments, but what makes Biotyspa French then?

Here’s a few words from our lovely founder, Deborah, born and raised in Paris, as well as proudly Australian:

« Charles (Biotyspa co-founder) and I met in Paris in 2011 where at that time we both respectively worked for two global luxury beauty groups in Paris. I was in charge of Communication at Shiseido, and Charles was Product Designer at L’Oréal. We learnt a lot from these few years we spent working there, but we also felt that clean and conscious beauty was sadly neglected. » 

Deborah, who had always been passionate about natural beauty and suffered from psoriasis her whole life, decided to pursue her dream and learn French holistic beauty technique whereas Charles, who completed part of his design studies in Sydney, was familiar with the native ingredients Australia had to offer and had always dreamed of returning. And so, Biotyspa was born.

In 2016, the French couple decided to open their first Biotyspa studio in the iconic Bondi Beach, offering French treatments designed and performed by Deborah herself.

« It was quite a big challenge for me to import French techniques to Australia, with specific treatments for face and body sculpting, nobody were aware of at that time (which were popular in France). The Palper Rouler is a massage I used to get done quite often in Paris, but here in Sydney lots of my clients questioned it at first. It was amazing to see how attractive our Biotyspa techniques became popular. »

Specializing in face and body sculpting treatments and using techniques learnt by Deborah in Paris, the little spa became very popular in no time, both with French clients who missed these treatments from back home and local customers keen to try these techniques.  

At the Spa, the lymphatic treatment was immediately the most favorite (Detox massage), as well as the Body Sculpt treatment, aka the famous French “palper router” technique, which helps to reduce water retention, eliminate toxins and cellulite.

As time progressed (and the agenda started to fill up for months), Deborah noticed that customers weren’t able to come as much as needed to get their treatments done as well as non-local clients couldn’t easily visit the Spa. The couple therefore decided to develop their own product range, allowing customers to take the Spa experience home with them whilst maintaining results.

With the idea of at-home treatments in mind, Biotyspa launched the Body Sculpting cup, so that customers could replicate the in-spa treatment at home with a carefully designed ritual, aka Body Sculpt Kit.

« Similarly, the French lifting and sculpting techniques used in our Gua Sha Facial were difficult to replicate outside of the Spa, therefore we introduced the Gua Sha Duo, with a specific massage technique (accessible on our online tutorial) which allowed customers to enjoy the benefits of a DIY Lymphatic Sculpting facial from home. » 

Biotyspa products and rituals were launched in 2018, inspired by French recipes and carefully formulated with clean and native Australian ingredients.

« French beauty is based on a very natural, minimalistic approach to beauty. Women don’t wear a lot of makeup, they take care of their skin, they overload it with products and clog pores. The idea behind all our formulations was to use powerful Australian ingredients which are clean and chemical free, but drive results with our original French techniques and recipes. »

Deborah Levy, founder of Biotyspa